Monday, December 14, 2009

December, Part One: Chillin'

Well, hello there, gentle readers! I hope you've been enjoying the cessation of finals since we last spoke--I know I am.

...But wait, there's even more to celebrate! That would be the fun that is the scarf, Snuggie, and Christmas season. What could be better? December is a cool month in so many ways. As it gets cold and I have to find all my warm clothes in the back of my closet, I enjoy shifting my music along with the season.

As wonderful as it is, I don't listen to Christmas music exclusively for an entire month (though I often contemplate it). My other music tends to be cool in a less literal, more modern way. I love to enjoy the cold weather (and five minutes of snow in Austin!) while listening to some contemplative, creative, and beautiful music like this. For each song I've given a little intro as to why I find it so captivating. Feel free to comment with your opinions on the songs, and what songs you are inspired by in this weather!

"Unison" - Bjork
It builds from a very calm start to a lovely crescendo of Bjork's signature strange, interweaving voice and loops of beats and sound. It's delicate and interesting, just like its Vespertine album cover you see above.

"The District Sleeps Alone Tonight" - The Postal Service
A classic chill-out tune. To younguns like us, it can almost be considered vintage indie-pop, and that makes it even more thought-provoking!

"All I Need" - Radiohead
This song makes me melt! I nearly did when Thom (blogger Thom) and I were lucky enough to see the real Thom (Thom Yorke) & Co. in Houston and they played it. It's so romantic and sweet, which is almost odd coming from Radiohead.

"The Maker Makes" - Rufus Wainwright
This song has a bit of an unfair advantage compared to the others; it is from the Brokeback Mountain soundtrack. Brokeback Mountain, though extensively made fun of, is one of the best and most heartbreaking movies I've ever seen. This connection, as well as the simplistic beauty of the piano and Rufus's voice make it one of those songs that I have to stop and absorb when it comes on shuffle.

"We Might As Well Be Strangers" - Keane
I could have posted almost every Keane song on this entry and it would fit, but this one is particularly poignant and pretty. The boys of Keane always hit the mark--catchy but with substance and composition. Love 'em!

"Lisztomania" - Phoenix
Phoenix has a really great ability to combine fun, poppy sounds with interesting and charming songwriting. The video for "Lisztomania" showcases their wide-eyed fascination with the centuries-old roots and aging relics of their native Versailles. This is a great studying-art-history song, I've learned from really makes you think about history.

"Roslyn" - Bon Iver and St. Vincent
"Roslyn" is a beautiful end note to my winter playlist, because its ethereal, haunting, folk-infused harmonies linger well after the song is over. Good luck trying to match it with your own voice, though--I've tried many times unsuccessfully, though had great fun doing it.

Keep listening to whatever you love! It's why we blog and it's why you read our blog, right? Have fun.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

December, Part Two: 'Tis the Season

This time of year, I love to listen to warm-and-fuzzy Christmas music, especially the songs that I remember hearing all the time as a kid. Putting up the perty fake tree and baking scrumptious blackberry tarts just aren't the same without Silent Night in the background. Of course, I don't if everyone listens to a Boyz II Men version like me...but now they can! It's a capella and pretty much the best thing that has come out of the silly R&B 90's boy band trend.

"Silent Night" - Boys II Men

And we can't forget some old classics, like Blue Christmas and The Chipmunk Song. Who doesn't love The King and Alvin?!

"Blue Christmas" - Elvis Presley
"The Chipmunk Song" - Alvin and the Chipmunks

As we get further into the Christmas season, I hope all of you lovely readers are enjoying yourselves and spending time doing whatever you love to do. I will be decorating the humble Tilly n' Thom abode, baking, and being an all-around June Cleaver stereotype--minus the husband-obedience.

Merry Christmas!!

Love, Tilly

Monday, November 23, 2009

Space - the musical frontier

These are blog posts of the starship 2G1K. Its five-year mission (or until we get sued by the FCC for copyright infringement): to explore strange new music, to seek out new artists and new hyped bands, to boldly go where no gurl has gone before.

The following songs are some of the best about space, and all those who dwell there.

"Like a Star" - Corinne Bailey Rae

Island's video for Rough Gem is highly regarded as one of the most adorable about space travel.

"Black Hole" - She and Him
It should be noted in the Captain's log that Muse's Supermassive Blackhole gets an honorable mention.

"Subterranean Homesick Alien" - Radiohead

"Moonlight Sonata" - Beethoven

"Satellite of Love" - Lou Reed
Bum bum bum

"Space Oddity" - David Bowie

To my new like-minded space-music friends, live long and prosper.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I can't wait for grunge to come back

Well, not the music. The fashion.

Flannel shirts, baggy torn jeans, vans shoes.
Maybe not the most attractive clothes, but comfortable? Hell yes.

And not only are these clothes comfortable, but during the grunge era it was acceptable for people to wear these clothes, both men and women.

It was like, fashionable.


I think wikihow's article on how to be grunge describes it best:

The customizing and tailoring that you see in DIY punk culture and the carefully chosen clothes you see in metalhead culture are nonexistent in grunge...Grungers wore it because it was readily available in the Pacific Northwest climate, and comfortable. So wear whatever is comfortable, and requires the least time and money to put on your body.

Sounds good to me. Although, until grunge is officially "back," below are a few songs to remind you of the good ol' days.

There won't be any skinny jeans there, I promise.

"Zero" - Smashing Pumpkins
"Bullet with Butterfly Wings" - Smashing Pumpkins
"Come as You Are" - Nirvana

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I miss you too!

Hi everybody!

Tilly here, just trying to keep up the 2g1k vibe. We are quite terrible at posting regularly, but we'd like you to know that we are always thinking about it! And here I go.

Over the last few weeks, I've run across a few musical gems that I've really enjoyed. First is the solo effort by Julian Casablancas, lead singer of The Strokes. His new album, Phrazes for the Young, has a more complex and electronic sound than the Strokes, but thankfully still with Casablancas' characteristic voice.

"11th Dimension" - Julian Casablancas

Also...Cold War Kids are back!! Hooray. Although they did have a sophomore album, it seems many people (unfortunately including myself) sort of let it go by relatively unnoticed and un-praised. The upcoming EP Behave Yourself, to be released in January, sounds like it will be just as great the original Cold War Kids blues-y, soulful, catchy indie goodness. Mmm.

"Audience of One" - Cold War Kids

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Goodbye ACL, until next year!

The final day of ACL 2009 is upon us...sigh. What a festival it has been so far! Saturday was amazing. Grizzly Bear performed beautifully, and proved that they can really really sing. The Decemberists basically played the entirety of their new album, The Hazards of Love, and ROCKED OUT doing it (which is quite a thing for The Decemberists!). Lastly, Ghostland Observatory played an epic show, and brought out the UT marching band for "The Band Marches On" once again! We are so proud of our little hometown Ghostland for making it big and kicking ass at this huge show!

Here's what we consider our big picks for Sunday (it's a bit of a short list):

If you are going to Sunday, you have to see them. Unless you choose to see Dirty Projectors, which we would totally understand because again here ACL has totally dropped the ball--why are they at the same time?! Insanity! But our deep, summer-long obsession with P-Pit has decided that terrible dilemma for us. Passion Pit is one of the most creative and fun synth-indie-pop groups we've seen in quite a while, and we are sure they'll put on a great show. Get those grumpy ol' hipsters dancin'!

Another opposition, but this time it makes sense. Girl Talk is really cool, well-established, pop culture-infused mash-up band and Dan Auerbach (of The Black Keys) has a white-guy-with-actual-soul kind of sound. Both great! Take your pick!

And that rounds out ACL for little Tilly and Thom here. We hope you all had as much fun as we did this year (in the rain and not-hot weather!!), and we'll be bloggin' again soon.

Tilly + Thom

Friday, October 2, 2009

ACL Day 2: It's on, bitch!

Well, day 1 was excellent. We had eye sex with cute French Phoenix and Mr. Andrew Bird, and then watched Karen O and the other Yeah Yeah Yeahs rock out.

And now, we bring you our picks for Saturday!

Thom is excited to see them outdoors (unfortunately in the rain), rather than when she saw them at SXSW. Also, they just put out a really good album!

So here we have our first example of ACL fucking up artist scheduling. Every single person who likes The Decemberists likes Devotchka and vice versa. This is ridiculous. We have chosen The Decemberists, but we hope you all choose wisely for yourselves!

Do we need to say anything? Seriously. Ghostland. We have seen them twice, and both times they have been awesome. And I (Tilly) have it good authority that a certain group may be making a musical cameo during the show!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

I tried to write a witty ACL fest title, but all I got was this stupid shirt.

Oh, hello there! I guess I didn't see you waiting there...for three months.

So it seems ACL fest is here again! Are you prepared? We're here to help!

They're talented. They're adorable. They're French. See them. (But don't get in our way--we want to be at the very front!)

We feel like his unearthly avian whistling belongs outside; how perfect.

Ma-ah-aa-ah-aa-aaps, WAIT: this sex is on fire!

See you there!

Luuurve <3 <3 <3,
Tilly and Thom

Friday, July 3, 2009

RIP from 2g1k

Gentle readers,

As many of you may have noticed, June has been a harsh month for famous people. The world has lost beloved entertainers of the musical, acting, and Kaboom-selling variety. Here, we give these fallen pop-culture heroes and their achievements a video tribute.

Michael Jackson. August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

Farrah Fawcett. February 2, 1947 – June 25, 2009

Ed McMahon. March 6, 1923 – June 23, 2009

Billy Mays. July 20, 1958 – June 28, 2009

Until next time,

Love from Tilly and Thom

Sunday, June 7, 2009

¿Me entiendes?

¡Hola, Tomás! Es Tilly. Estoy en Brownsville este verano, muy cerca del Texas-México border, para un "internship," como tú...y por eso estoy practicando mi Español. ¡Estoy trabajando en un laboratorio con el "Swine flu," de veras! Te extraño mucho, Tomás, porque aquí no hay mucho música "indie." No veo "skinny jeans" y es muy difícil obtener "hummus" y "Sweet leaf tea." La vida es differente aquí.

Ahora, Tomás (y los "fans" de 2g1k), ¡escuchas a música Mexicana!

"Tamacun" - Rodrigo y Gabriela
"El Canoero" - Los Super Seven

Voy a hablar contigo más cuando tengo música nueva. Te amo, mi amiga, y buena suerte en muy triste que no tengas un HEB allá. :(

(¡Ay! ¡No quiero ir a "prison"!)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday, May 31

Dearest Tilly,

As I write this, stationed in The City of The Angels, I can't help but
hope this blog post makes its way eastward to you. Conditions are harsh here, the 70 degree weather and sunny days are unforgiving, but I will do my best to muster up whatever strength I have left and tell you about my travels. My stories must survive if I do not.

My journey here by car was a long one, driving through the tumultuous
territories of New Mexico, Arizona, and California. I will admit that there were
times when I did not think I would make it, especially when I was summoned to steer the Mazda 6 vessel in order to let my comrade nap. However, I have arrived safely in this desolate city, and am beginning to set up camp in the hills of the Oakwood apartments.

In the little time I have spent here I have already learned how to communicate with the natives. Doing this has allowed me to commute by rail and bus to the land of St. Monica and the charming city of Venice. I used my camera to document the strange lifestyles of the inhabitants of these villages and will post the pictures soon.

Besides exploration, I have been working on securing apprenticeships at Panavision and Playtone. My apprenticeship duties at Panavision include cleaning and working with their cameras. As far as Playtone, I am not certain yet if I will be working there, but if I do I will be learning about Music Supervision.

This is all I can write for now as I must ration the last of my strength to forage for food, and also because there is a marathon of America's Next Top Model and I really want to watch it. Please send reply by telegram or other preferred social networking site with a response. I wish to know of your adventures in the Brown village.

Sunday, May 31 2009

"The Soldiering Life" - The Decemberists

Friday, May 22, 2009

Los Angeles

This is where I'm going this summer.

I am excited about going to LA (or is it L.A.? or is it Los Angeles?) for many reasons. First of all, I will be interning in the entertainment industry. As of now, I have not solidified any internships yet, but have been assured I will get one once I get out there.

Second, I will only have my bike for transportation. From what I have heard, I am the only person in the UTLA program not bringing a car. I can only assume that should I survive navigating the sprawling desert city on my bike, I will return to Austin with leg muscles of steel, golden bronzed skin, and sun-bleached blonde hair. I am also assuming my hair will somehow become straight.

In order to prepare for my trip, I have been collecting a few songs about the city. Below each song is a quote, an inspirational message about the wonder and beauty of the city of Los Angeles.

First, a brief introduction by Death Cab for Cutie.

"Why'd you want to live here?" - Death Cab for Cutie
I'm in Los Angeles today
Asked a gas station employee
If he ever had trouble breathing
And he said, "it varies from season to season"

I'm sure The Decemberists will have a more optimistic outlook about LA.

"Los Angeles, I'm Yours" - The Decemberists
How I abhor this place
It's sweet and bitter taste
Has left me wretched, retching on all fours
Los Angeles, I'm yours

I don't see how this could get any worse...

"Los Angeles is Burning" - Bad Religion
A clock that reads
The end of days
Shotgun roundabouts are bending in the haze
More a question than a curse
How could hell be any worse?

It's too late for me to turn back now.

Monday, May 18, 2009

1 to 99 Luftballons

Some might call this post a filler. I call it pure, balloon-filled whimsy.

I recently stumbled upon a creative and charming unofficial video for the much-blogged-about band Grizzly Bear's song "Two Weeks" (off their cool new album, Veckatimest). It uses footage of a French film from the 50's about a boy, a balloon, and Paris. It's cute and reminds me of Wes Anderson, but with less of a 'tude. (Also, the song is really really awesome.)

And since I'm talking about balloons...99 Luftballons is a classic. Not only is it prime 80's musical/fashion goodness (check out the keyboardist's scarf!!), but it has an important message in a time of confusion and disjunction for Germany. But what the hell, BALLOONS! Enjoy.

Watch out for more posts from both Tilly and Thom very soon!


Friday, April 17, 2009

Favorites! (no, we didn't forget about you)

Dear gentle (and patient) readers,

We're glad to be back after a sustained absence. There seems to be a bad case of unabashed laziness going around 2g1k...we hope you are well. And now we bring you what you've come to see: our favorites this week!


Phoenix is about to come out with a great new album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, which is just an adorable name. In it, the French indie vets have kept their unmistakable charm, catchy-ness, and originality, but with an added electronic twist.

"Lisztomania" - Phoenix
"1901" - Phoenix

This a picture of Phoenix from Tilly and Thom's epic ACL fest 2006 experience!

Also, I've discovered a pretty neato lady named Anni Rossi who goes about making quirky music with a viola and not much else. She has the style of a sort of Andrew Bird and Regina Spektor hybrid. She seems very talented and natural, and so I've included a video of her performing wonderfully on a sidewalk in the cold!


Thom likes sleep. Thom likes sleep a lot. However, Thom can not always get sleep. When Thom does get the chance to sleep, she likes to listen to a few tunes right before she dozes off to get her into that sleepy mood.

Iron and Wine does just that. Grab your nearest portable music device and curl up next to a warm fire or lay on a comfy couch. You've been busy all day, you deserve this.

Writing this post has made me slightly drowsy, but I'm at work and can't sleep right now.

Well, maybe I'll rest my eyes for a few minutes.

"Trapeze Swinger" - Iron and Wine

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


After the turmoil and topsy-turvy fun that was SXSW 2009, we return to our regularly scheduled programming here at 2g1k...Tilly and Thom's favorites of the week!


PASSION PIT! They are beyond catchy, but with a substance and likability behind the sound that should propel them frighteningly far in the world of electro-indie music. It seems bands like this are destined to end up as background music in commercials (and they are), which is a complement to those of us who like this type of music, since it subliminally sucks in consumers with its pure awesomeness. So be loud and proud with these Passion Pit tunes!

"The Reeling" - Passion Pit
"Sleepyhead" - Passion Pit


One of the great things about taking pictures at SXSW was that I got to discover new music through my assignments. A band I heard about but never listened to, Grizzly Bear, was quite wonderful.

Their voices were very soothing, a nice escape from the frantic SXSW haze I had been in that week.

"Cheerleader" - Grizzly Bear

Another band that I saw was Hurray For the Riff Raff.

From New Orleans, Riff Raff is bluesy and smooth and delicious for the ears to hear.

The lead singer sounds like a mix of Zoey Deschanel and Regina Spektor. They all have a certain kind of voice that feels out of place in the year 2009, but not in a bad way. Rather, it is a voice that would coax a person in the 20s to venture into the dingy jazz bars of New York City, drifting through reefer smoke and bootlegged alcohol to a stage, our heroine in the spotlight singing her heart out.

So yeah, listen to those Riff Raff scamps.

"Junebug Waltz" - Hurray for the Riff Raff
"Bricks" - Hurray for the Riff Raff

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Timid Tilly's brush with [adorable!] fame

Rounding out the end of SXSW 2009, Tilly and Thom attended the Saturday evening premiere of the adorable indie flick 500 Days of Summer, directed by Marc Webb and written by Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber.

The director, writer, and stars Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt made an appearance right before the show began and at the subsequent Q&A. Tilly was a bit nervous about actually getting so close to these famous people, especially since she is a teensy bit obsessed with Zooey Deschanel (see the evidence). Armed only with a crappy phone camera, she was too embarrassed to ask to take a picture with her indie idol or her super-cute counterpart, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The lead actors are apparently BFFs, as they said in the Q&A. Way cute. It helped to make their performances in this quirky, sweet and hilarious film believable and thoroughly charming. When 500 Days of Summer shows up in regular movie theaters on July 24, we urge you to see it! It also has really great music, which doesn't just adorn the soundtrack but permeates the film in the best possible way. Check out the tracks below!

"Us" - Regina Spektor
"Sweet Disposition" - The Temper Trap

Rorschach's journal: We Have Band

Thursday March 19, 2009. 4:05pm. South by Southwest. Urban Outfitters back patio, Austin, Texas.

Two girls enjoy British indie trio We Have Band. Thom takes pictures. Small crowd dances awkwardly. Embarrassed. Then unicorn-headed man dances exuberantly, revives crowd. Unicorn-headed man stands in back, drinks free beer. Tilly and Thom have no beer. Tilly and Thom are under 21.

Band member declares "This is hottest place we've ever played!" It is 78 degrees. Tilly and Thom laugh.

Bass. Synthesizers. Kick drum. Snares. Tambourine. Human voices. We Have Band makes good music.

"You've Had Band" - We Have Band
"Oh!" - We Have Band

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is this what L.A. is like?

Before my assignment on Monday I went to a party because I heard there was free food. When I got there were people smoking hookah, getting henna, and there was even someone rolling cigars. I imagine this is what L.A. parties are like, but with more celebrities.

After this I took pictures of Sparhusen one of the greatest bands to ever come out of Sweden.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cutthroat Red Carpet

On Sunday I took pictures at the Adventureland movie premiere. It was my first experience being a paparazzo.

I had been standing for a position right in front of the carpet, when a much taller photographer cut in front of me. Another photographer and I teamed up against him, making faces behind his back and eventually I got my original position back. It was pretty intense.

Eventually Bill Hader and Greg Mottola (director of Superbad) showed up.

Bill Hader looked directly at me when I said, "welcome to Austin!"

Bill Hader poses with a reporter from News 8 Austin.

Adventureland Q&A

"Roll Up the Red Carpet" - Doll and The Kicks

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Parties and the Bees

Today was my first day of officially working for SXSW. Before I began my assignments I had to get my badge and camera tagged at the Austin Convention Center.

This took an hour longer than I thought it would mainly because the convention center is gigantic and I got lost easily.

Since I will be volunteering about 70 hours during SXSW I got a Platinum Badge to use during the conference which allows me to get into just about every interactive, film and music event. I need these credentials in order to get the photographs they need for SXSW.

What I didn't realize until later was how much my badge was worth. If it didn't have my name or picture on it, well, I would definitely consider selling it.

My first assignment was to take pictures at a party for a company called Razorfish. I went to the club it was held at called The Madison and had to show my badge to bouncers in order to get in.

There was an interactive touch screen where the guests who had registered could place a card on it and it would bring up their facebook profile.

Besides the oddity of accessing someone's profile from a touchscreen, it was even weirder since all the guests were about 35 or over.

After taking pictures at the party I wandered around downtown and took pictures from the roof of the Austin Convention Center.

My last assignment for the night was a film premiere of 'The Last Beekeeper,' a documentary about bees pollinating almonds in California, and how the bee population is rapidly declining.

The director created buzz about the movie. Seriously however, by the year 2035 there may be no more bees in America causing serious problems for our economy and ecosystem. A very scary thought, a world with no bees.

"The Party's Crashing US" - Of Montreal

Friday, March 13, 2009

SXSW absurdity

I will be taking pictures for SXSW this week. Last night I helped out with the SXSW bag stuffing, an event required for all volunteers. The process was a fascinating experience, a social experiment waiting to happen. I would grab a tote bag, then walk down a long row of about fifty people whose job it was to put various materials into the bag, a human assembly line. I met hundreds of people in a matter of minutes for a duration too short to create awkward small talk, but too long to not say anything at all.

Throughout all of this a DJ serenaded us with a variety of tunes from Love Shack to Reach for the Sky. In a room with over a thousand people working monotonously, it was weird to see people randomly dancing as they sorted iTunes gift cards or placed condoms in the tote bags.

After we finished stuffing 27,000 bags the room erupted into applause. There's nothing that unites a group of a thousand strangers more than completing a highly repetitive and inane task. It was amazing.

I have decided, fellow readers, that besides covering my required assignments for SXSW I will try to show you the underbelly of the SXSW beast through the unbiased lens of my camera. Yes, it is an efficient commercialism machine which floods the streets of Austin. And yes, it is a seemingly endless stream of drunkness and meaningless parties (which sadly I am not old enough to enjoy until next year).

Over the next several days on this blog I will try to capture the essence of South By South West, forever searching for the wealth of creativity and artistry that lies at its core. Or so I hope.

"Photograph" - Weezer
"I Turn My Camera On" - Spoon
"The Film Did Not Go 'Round" - Nada Surf

*there's a new SXSW poll btw!

Monday, March 9, 2009

...And the hipsters danced all night

We, Tilly and Thom, were among the many happy dancing hipsters at Australian band Cut Copy's show at Stubb's on Friday, March 6. We agree that it is very refreshing to see so many people crazy dance who might normally stand pretentiously still.

And it was exuberant! Matt & Kim, a poppy, energetic duo from Brooklyn who consist of only drums and synths, was a fun and cute opening act.

"Good Ol' Fashioned Nightmare" - Matt & Kim

Cut Copy really got the hipsters going, though. Skin against sweaty skin, everyone bounced, jumped, twisted, and undulated to the hypnotic Cut Copy melodies (a lot like Matt and Kim you see above!). We don't know about you, gentle readers, but that's how we here at 2g1k like it. The sweatier the better.

"Sands of Time" - Cut Copy (someone made a sparkly gold banner for this new song! awwr.)
"Far Away" - Cut Copy

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We need to talk

I just want to let you know that this is just as embarrassing for me as it is for you. However, it's what's best for you. I certainly wish my parents had discussed this with me sooner.

We need to talk about protection.

Hearing protection that is.

You're inexperienced, going to a lot of a concerts thinking,
hey, I'm young and virile, why would I need to wear hearing protection?

Well, if you've ever had ringing in your ears after a show, you may not realize it now but your ears have been damaged. It only takes one night without protection to do some harm.

I know earplugs are not, as you kids say, 'hip' or 'cool' to wear, but they really are important. And they're really not too bad, you just need to give them a chance.

I wore Hearos earplugs to a few concerts. They were ok but the sound was a little muffled; also, they were too big and would sometimes slip out of my ear canal. When you're at a concert you don't want your protection slipping in the heat of the moment.

Recently a friend suggested these Etymotic earplugs to me:

The sound quality is much better and I plan on testing them out at the next concert I go to. Any person who uses these earplugs certainly values both protection and pleasure.

Before your next music outing it would probably be a good idea to put them on just once, you know, for practice. Also, buy another pair and give them to a special friend. I'm sure they'll thank you for it.

See, that conversation wasn't too awkward was it? I think we've all learned a little bit about each other. I just want you to be safe.

Below are a few bands I saw live and were a bit too loud. I wish I had worn protection back then.

Ringo Deathstarr - "Sweet Girl"
Ghostland Observatory - 'The Band Marches On'