Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday, May 31

Dearest Tilly,

As I write this, stationed in The City of The Angels, I can't help but
hope this blog post makes its way eastward to you. Conditions are harsh here, the 70 degree weather and sunny days are unforgiving, but I will do my best to muster up whatever strength I have left and tell you about my travels. My stories must survive if I do not.

My journey here by car was a long one, driving through the tumultuous
territories of New Mexico, Arizona, and California. I will admit that there were
times when I did not think I would make it, especially when I was summoned to steer the Mazda 6 vessel in order to let my comrade nap. However, I have arrived safely in this desolate city, and am beginning to set up camp in the hills of the Oakwood apartments.

In the little time I have spent here I have already learned how to communicate with the natives. Doing this has allowed me to commute by rail and bus to the land of St. Monica and the charming city of Venice. I used my camera to document the strange lifestyles of the inhabitants of these villages and will post the pictures soon.

Besides exploration, I have been working on securing apprenticeships at Panavision and Playtone. My apprenticeship duties at Panavision include cleaning and working with their cameras. As far as Playtone, I am not certain yet if I will be working there, but if I do I will be learning about Music Supervision.

This is all I can write for now as I must ration the last of my strength to forage for food, and also because there is a marathon of America's Next Top Model and I really want to watch it. Please send reply by telegram or other preferred social networking site with a response. I wish to know of your adventures in the Brown village.

Sunday, May 31 2009

"The Soldiering Life" - The Decemberists

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