Sunday, January 30, 2011

The sparrow has hit the window

Dearest Tilly,

This message must be read by you and only you. It is of utmost importance that its contests not be leaked, and that no one else be able to understand its coding. I repeat now what I once told you, should a situation like this arise: the sparrow has hit the window. May God help us all.

I am unable to give you specific details about my location at this time. Doing so would compromise an entity far greater than anything else in this nation of ours. All I can tell you is the jungle cat has left its perch in the eucalyptus tree. And it is cold on the jungle floor. Very, very cold. This jungle cat might need to buy more lotion because its paws are getting chapped.

What work brings me here? My mother once told me the story of a man named Atlas, a man who carries the Heavens on his back. The greatest minds, the purest truths, concepts we call love and euphoria - all of these things rest on the shoulders of this great man. Well, sometimes Atlas needs a cup of coffee or for papers to be filed and so a noble fledgling must do it for him. A person so pure and humble that they do this work for long periods of time and for no pay. I am that noble fledgling.

The earth is beginning its orbit towards the sun, and with it I look forward to your arrival in this place. We will meet at the third largest rotunda when the sun is at 68 degrees in relation to its crest - then and only then. Come too soon, and I will not be there. Come too late, and the consequences will be so dire I cannot list them here. Well, I don't really like to wait around. That is it.

As always, give your mother my regards; however, please do so through self-destructing stationary.


"The Bagman's Gambit" - The Decemberists

Saturday, January 22, 2011

In their own words

I'm shallow. For realio. For all my weak faux-hipster guises, I know after listening to the first 15 seconds of a song if it's going to be my next obsession of the week, lyrics and all that meaningful shit be DAMNED.

But sometimes, my instincts are spot on! Songs that sound rad in 15 seconds turn out to be totally effing rad the whole way though. It's almost like talented musicians got together and, like, thought about it or something. Those creators of awesome hooks also seem to be good at words too, or at least enough to please me (which may not be saying much).

EXEMPLARY EXAMPLES! (You are most welcome!)

Let's start with DORKY lines and make our way towards SUPER BADASS lines.

"all i want is a DeLorean"
robyn, time machine

"you in your kerchief, and me in my hat, we can settle down for an afternoon nap"
the features, the idea of growing old

"i need you to go down to the slurpee station...and get me a DRANK"
ghostland observatory, codename rondo

"modern science, i put my faith in your capable brains"
the black and white years, to modern science

"they seem wild but they are so tame"
arcade fire, rococo

"yeah, all the white girls trip when i sing at sunday service"
the dead weather, blue blood blues


P.S.: This is time capsule from 2010 because I wrote it so long ago and was too lazy to post (ergo the staleness of the music choices).