Friday, October 2, 2009

ACL Day 2: It's on, bitch!

Well, day 1 was excellent. We had eye sex with cute French Phoenix and Mr. Andrew Bird, and then watched Karen O and the other Yeah Yeah Yeahs rock out.

And now, we bring you our picks for Saturday!

Thom is excited to see them outdoors (unfortunately in the rain), rather than when she saw them at SXSW. Also, they just put out a really good album!

So here we have our first example of ACL fucking up artist scheduling. Every single person who likes The Decemberists likes Devotchka and vice versa. This is ridiculous. We have chosen The Decemberists, but we hope you all choose wisely for yourselves!

Do we need to say anything? Seriously. Ghostland. We have seen them twice, and both times they have been awesome. And I (Tilly) have it good authority that a certain group may be making a musical cameo during the show!


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