Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Karen O is cool

You're at a party. Karen O is there too. It is at one of those houses on the east side that is trendy among young people, but you are fine with your place on the north side. Great parking though if you lived on the east. You still have not found anyone to talk to so you inspect the decorations on the wall and the magnets on the fridge. There is a postcard from Cancun. Karen O says something in the corner and the party guests laugh. You wonder what it was about. Probably something cool.

You pace around the party. You want to talk to Karen O but she is surrounded by that art-school/east-coast type who complain and smoke and smoke and complain. You know she is not like that but you are still afraid to start a conversation with her.

You check your watch and then go into the kitchen to make yourself a drink. A sprite/cranberry juice/vodka concoction. Not very cool.

"Hey, [insert your name]." It is Karen O. "Pass me a Shiner." You do. She opens the drink without a bottle opener and you take a sip of your drink. It is too strong.

"Is that your scooter out there?" You are caught off guard. Most people call it a moped even though it is not and you do your best never to correct them, but mopeds are under 50cc; your scooter certainly is not. You answer yes.

"What kind of gas mileage do you get with it?" You explain to her that you get about 60 miles per gallon, although you never check too closely. Either way, you only spend about two dollars to fill it up and that you do know.

"Wow. That's cool."

Karen O takes a sip of her beer. Her friends call for her. "Nice talking with you." She walks away.

You take another sip of your drink. It is still too strong.

Karen O is cool.

"Let Me Know" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

"Heads Will Roll" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs