Monday, March 22, 2010

Nerds make the best music

Most of you must have noticed the influx of insanity that is SXSW over this last week! Austinites said "Hello!" to a plethora of pretentious Brooklyn hipsters wearing all black (isn't the world over that yet?!), to which the hipsters replied, "Fuck you." Ahh, tourists.

But thankfully awesome music and free food/drinks were just as plentiful as the hipsters, and Thom and I partook as best we could. I was hindered by my minor-ness and couldn't get into the venues or enjoy the free beer that Thom could...and so I would like to formally apologize here to Thom for my 21st birthday being but two weeks away. Will you ever forgive me? :(

Of the free shows we did see, one of the best was from one of Austin's very own bands, the 80s-nerd-fabulous Built by Snow. We have blogged about them before, over a year ago. And not once had we seen them until now! Oh the shame.

We totally made up for it since they absolutely rocked the robot socks off of Fado Irish Pub on Friday night! After announcing themselves to hail from Tokyo, Japan, they played some catchy tunes from their most recent release, Mega, and a couple of experimental new ones. When the small crowd cheered them one for "one! more! song!", they returned to kick ass with Devo's "Girl U Want." They were nerdy, hilarious, and fun, and they have earned a 2g1k stamp of approval for all-around awesomeness.

"Something in 3D" - Built by Snow
"All the Weird Kids Know" - Built by Snow

As Thom and I get back to SKOOL this week we'll be posting here about our other SXSW experiences, including bands like:

-Neon Indian
-Memory Tapes
-Dam Funk
-The xx
-We Are Scientists
-She & Him

And other adventures like:

-Mildly famous people sightings
-Window cats
-Tripped out LSD guy

Stay tuned and keep rockin'!