Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We need to talk

I just want to let you know that this is just as embarrassing for me as it is for you. However, it's what's best for you. I certainly wish my parents had discussed this with me sooner.

We need to talk about protection.

Hearing protection that is.

You're inexperienced, going to a lot of a concerts thinking,
hey, I'm young and virile, why would I need to wear hearing protection?

Well, if you've ever had ringing in your ears after a show, you may not realize it now but your ears have been damaged. It only takes one night without protection to do some harm.

I know earplugs are not, as you kids say, 'hip' or 'cool' to wear, but they really are important. And they're really not too bad, you just need to give them a chance.

I wore Hearos earplugs to a few concerts. They were ok but the sound was a little muffled; also, they were too big and would sometimes slip out of my ear canal. When you're at a concert you don't want your protection slipping in the heat of the moment.

Recently a friend suggested these Etymotic earplugs to me:

The sound quality is much better and I plan on testing them out at the next concert I go to. Any person who uses these earplugs certainly values both protection and pleasure.

Before your next music outing it would probably be a good idea to put them on just once, you know, for practice. Also, buy another pair and give them to a special friend. I'm sure they'll thank you for it.

See, that conversation wasn't too awkward was it? I think we've all learned a little bit about each other. I just want you to be safe.

Below are a few bands I saw live and were a bit too loud. I wish I had worn protection back then.

Ringo Deathstarr - "Sweet Girl"
Ghostland Observatory - 'The Band Marches On'


  1. don't forget about custom fit earplugs that you can get from your local audiologists if you're looking for absolute luxury. many of these earplugs also allow the wearer to switch out removable parts to allow more or less sound through