Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To Tilly, wherever you are

Dearest Tilly,

I'm not sure whether or not you will get this message, for the carrier pigeon I attached it to was showing signs of fatigue. I can only hope that the sprightly creature will make its way northward without being consumed by a large gust of wind or house cat.

I hope your travels to The New Yorke were successful, and that you find yourself now in good health. I can only imagine that your apprenticeship at the Center for Control of Maladies and Other Indispositions has you performing rigorous duties. Make sure to keep stock of leeches and chamomile. And if all else fails in your attempts to control the dark spirits, remember my kind advice - fire, lots of it.

Currently, I find myself safely stationed in a nearly impenetrable fort, also known as my parent's house. My own quest for an apprenticeship has not been favorable, but I have not lost hope. I even have some free time now, and have taken up leisurely activities like botany and taking pictures of Nala, my closest companion.

Although things have been well for me, I can not say the same about the rest of our comrades. Our numbers are dwindling. Just last week one of us was banished to work in the labor camps of the USSR. I have yet to hear contact from her, so I am assuming all hope is lost. The rest are in fairly good condition, but as the months grow colder, I feel that they will be lost to the nearby academic institution.

If I do not receive word from you, I will not worry. My only fear is that as this letter makes its way northward, it will be lost in the bureaucracy of the liberal Yankees that you now find company with. Stay strong Tilly, and so will I.

As always, give your mother my regards.