Sunday, October 4, 2009

Goodbye ACL, until next year!

The final day of ACL 2009 is upon us...sigh. What a festival it has been so far! Saturday was amazing. Grizzly Bear performed beautifully, and proved that they can really really sing. The Decemberists basically played the entirety of their new album, The Hazards of Love, and ROCKED OUT doing it (which is quite a thing for The Decemberists!). Lastly, Ghostland Observatory played an epic show, and brought out the UT marching band for "The Band Marches On" once again! We are so proud of our little hometown Ghostland for making it big and kicking ass at this huge show!

Here's what we consider our big picks for Sunday (it's a bit of a short list):

If you are going to Sunday, you have to see them. Unless you choose to see Dirty Projectors, which we would totally understand because again here ACL has totally dropped the ball--why are they at the same time?! Insanity! But our deep, summer-long obsession with P-Pit has decided that terrible dilemma for us. Passion Pit is one of the most creative and fun synth-indie-pop groups we've seen in quite a while, and we are sure they'll put on a great show. Get those grumpy ol' hipsters dancin'!

Another opposition, but this time it makes sense. Girl Talk is really cool, well-established, pop culture-infused mash-up band and Dan Auerbach (of The Black Keys) has a white-guy-with-actual-soul kind of sound. Both great! Take your pick!

And that rounds out ACL for little Tilly and Thom here. We hope you all had as much fun as we did this year (in the rain and not-hot weather!!), and we'll be bloggin' again soon.

Tilly + Thom

Friday, October 2, 2009

ACL Day 2: It's on, bitch!

Well, day 1 was excellent. We had eye sex with cute French Phoenix and Mr. Andrew Bird, and then watched Karen O and the other Yeah Yeah Yeahs rock out.

And now, we bring you our picks for Saturday!

Thom is excited to see them outdoors (unfortunately in the rain), rather than when she saw them at SXSW. Also, they just put out a really good album!

So here we have our first example of ACL fucking up artist scheduling. Every single person who likes The Decemberists likes Devotchka and vice versa. This is ridiculous. We have chosen The Decemberists, but we hope you all choose wisely for yourselves!

Do we need to say anything? Seriously. Ghostland. We have seen them twice, and both times they have been awesome. And I (Tilly) have it good authority that a certain group may be making a musical cameo during the show!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

I tried to write a witty ACL fest title, but all I got was this stupid shirt.

Oh, hello there! I guess I didn't see you waiting there...for three months.

So it seems ACL fest is here again! Are you prepared? We're here to help!

They're talented. They're adorable. They're French. See them. (But don't get in our way--we want to be at the very front!)

We feel like his unearthly avian whistling belongs outside; how perfect.

Ma-ah-aa-ah-aa-aaps, WAIT: this sex is on fire!

See you there!

Luuurve <3 <3 <3,
Tilly and Thom