Sunday, January 11, 2009

Welcome! Tilly and Thom share their favorites this week.

Hello! Welcome to 2 Girls 1 Keyboard, which you appear to have stumbled upon. Oh, fate! What has brought us here to this moment, this time,

We girls would like to give you some music goodness, be it in the form of youtube video, mp3 download, or beautiful prose. We have two editors, the lovely Tilly and the charming Thom. Two native Austinites, Tilly and Thom have been going to shows together since their senior year of high school. (Awwr!) To continue this glorious tradition, they will keep you loyal readers up to date and entertained about all of Austin's best shows!

From Tilly, you can expect self-indulgent feminist rants, musical infatuations of often frightening proportions, and various neuroses which may amuse others. Thom plans to blog about the bands that would form within dystopian societies and other subjects that she finds delightfully absurd, but will probably get distracted and just post random youtube videos.

And now, our favorite things for this week! We hope to make this a 2g1k tradition.

I love two things in particular: Metronomy, an adorable, danceable band from Devon, England (and especially their newest music video), and She & Him, a sweet, nostalgic duo including actress Zooey Deschanel. Metronomy's latest album, Nights Out, is pretty amazing...the standout song would have to be "A Thing For Me," the music video for which is brand new and absolutely wonderful. Check it out below! Also, Zooey Deschanel's voice in She & Him is quite impressive. Her music seems vintage and romantic, but she's such a modern hipster (though one of those rare, nice hipsters). I hope you enjoy discovering these cute bands as much as I did.

I recently stumbled upon Jason Schwartzman's solo project Coconut Records.

Poppy, catchy, I'm satisfied. There's not much to not like. My only fear is that his acting schedule will make it hard for him to tour. It's ok, I'll be waiting.

"Summer Day" - Coconut Records

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