Saturday, January 31, 2009

Meteorological Misogyny?

Now, who could think of a better way to express themselves than through the timeless and tactful words of one Mr. Rush Limbaugh? Not me, certainly. Especially when discussing the sensitive gender, ethnic, and meteorological issues which affect our world. Oh yes, meteorological. Of course, I mean hurricanes, er—hurricane names. Limbaugh, take it away:

“You know it used to be that hurricanes were named only after women because they were destructive and unpredictable…the feminists grew upset about that, demanded that hurricanes be named after men, and so now, the civil rights leaders are demanding black names for hurricanes.”

Oh those crazy feminists, what with the hormones and the evil lesbian witch magic, they are a danger to us all! And even worse, they wanted nomenclature to be changed just because they felt blamed for causing thousands of deaths and centuries of destruction. How dare they! And now we must have ethnic diversity, too? Whatev. After all, Rush Limbaugh tells us that “it is these elected black leaders, the civil-rights coalitions – they're the ones that keep causing all this racial divide.” Srsly guys.

So the next time you hear about the imminence of another hurricane, listen to these marine tunes and remember who you should blame: everyone but white men.

"Oceania" - Bjork
"Calm go the wild seas" - Beulah (coincidentally, Beulah is an official hurricane name)
"Black wave, bad vibrations" - The Arcade Fire
"Sea ghost" - The Unicorns
"Hurricane Jane" - Black Kids

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