Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tilly and Thom’s favorite things this week!


Continuing on my Zooey Deschanel kick, I have gotten into an all-synth, all-girl band from San Francisco called Von Iva who coincidentally make quirky music with Ms. Deschanel in the recent movie Yes Man. While I do have a soft spot for Jim Carrey’s humor, the movie is pretty stupid. The saving grace is the super-indie (averaging 5 fans per gig) band Zooey and Von Iva portray, called Munchausen by Proxy, and I sure wish it were real. At least Von Iva is!

“Living for It” - Von Iva

Another badass lady making music is Brody Dalle, under the mantle of Spinnerette, along with (seemingly) random others. The song “Ghetto Love” is crazy catchy and full of attitude. I ghetto love it.

“Ghetto Love” - Spinnerette

Lastly, what do you get when MGMT and Cut Copy have a secret child? The answer is the band Empire of the Sun, who sound all set for summer (oops) and infectious indie-fame.

“We Are the People” - Empire of the Sun


My favorite thing this week is… Myspace? What? Not for its social networking capabilities (for that facebook is far superior) but because smaller bands have actually acknowledged my existence through it. After a Tilly and the Wall show where Sebastian Grainger was a no show I wrote on their myspace ‘why no show in Austin?’ To my surprise they got back to me.

Built By Snow is another band that has recently communicated with me.

A local Austin band, Built By Snow satisfies my lust for nerd rock (a need left unfilled by Weezer’s latest albums). A band that worships the days of Atari and Pacman, understands the finer side of killer robots, and has successfully brought the word ‘rad’ back, Built By Snow is everything one could need (and so much more). Thus, our conversation on myspace was all the more beautiful.

(you will probably need to click on this picture to get the un-cutoff version)

Although, in the end I was still unable to make it to their CD release show.

"Algometric Touch" – Built By Snow
"All the Weird Kids Know" – Built By Snow

Check out for more free Built By Snow mp3s.

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