Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Wave, New and Old

I've always been sure that I would have made a totally radical 80s teenager. I would have been wearing an off-the-shoulder turquoise sweater over a pink leotard, leg warmers, and a puffy side ponytail, and jammin' out to Depeche Mode, Talking Heads, Devo, and probably a good helping of Pat Benatar and Nena. I just know it.

I may have missed out on that opportunity, but I sure as hell won't let it stop me from being bitchin' now! So I've prepared for you a little smattering of some of my favorite New Wave-y tunes, as well as some modern descendants of the synthesizing gods of old.

Witness the synthy wonder that is New Order! Seriously New Wave. Seriously awesome.
"Bizarre Love Triangle" - New Order

Oh, Gary, honey--you are safest in your car. It's ok.

And speaking of about The Cars? Yes please!
"Just What I Needed" - The Cars

Aaaand THE SAFETY DANCE cannot be forgotten! They just don't make music videos with medieval dancing midgets like they used to, huh?


In the good old 2000s/2010s, we have a different style going on, but some bands admirably carry on the sounds of the 80s.

Thom and I got to see We Have Band back at SXSW '09, when they only had demos. Their recently released album WHB demonstrates their love for catchy, bold, synthy songs--and for making crazy cool music videos!

In the vein of Cut Copy, fellow Aussie band Van She makes some great stuff with a mix of 80s fabulosity and modern style. I'm giving you this song in particular because it's great, and was OBVIOUSLY written for me because there are no other Kellys in the world.
"Kelly" - Van She

But I think Austin's own Built By Snow takes the 80s cake. They embrace all things 80s and video-game-nerdy with a passion that rivals the 80s itself!

Keep the 80s alive! Love,

(OH and my 80s alter ego would also have been Ferris Bueller's girlfriend. Really.)


  1. That Made By Snow video was made of win!

  2. WAIT I meant Built By Snow

  3. Gary Numan is so great. He's been sampled about 8 million times, too. You'll probably recognize this song even if you've never heard it: