Monday, February 1, 2010

Blast from the [recent] past

Hey kids,

Tilly here. As we haven't posted in a bit, I thought I'd share with anyone who stopped by 2g1k a little of what I've been enjoying lately. Interestingly enough, the songs I've been enjoying lately are not so new, but not so old either.

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I have to indirectly thank the Twilight sequel New Moon for the discovery of this first song. Terrible movie, terrible acting, but with a fantastic soundtrack. One of the songs was a compilation between St. Vincent and Bon Iver, which I've posted in the past. If not for that song, I might never have discovered Bon Iver's music in general, and I'm so glad I have now. Here's a beautiful sample of the album released in '08, For Emma, Forever Ago.

"Skinny Love" - Bon Iver

Also, I've been simultaneously jamming to a very different flavor of music...the danceable wonder that is Of Montreal! I knew they'd released a new album in 2008 (called Skeletal Lamping), but I never got my shiz together and checked it out. A couple nights ago I heard the unmistakable bass line that could only mean Of Montreal, and realized what I'd been missing. Here ya go!

"Gallery Piece" - Of Montreal

Happy music hunting to one and all!



  1. My friend introduced me to Of Montreal a year and a half ago. He said it gives him a better high. Are they really that "cool"?

  2. Of Montreal has a very good mix of bouncy and chillax-y vibes. I think they're pretty cool! Some songs are more accessible than others, but you should give them a shot.

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